Robert Muchamore's 2012 publishing program will kick off with Henderson's Boys: The Prisoner on February 2nd.

Sample chapters are already online if you've not seen them already.

As usual, Robert will be out on the road doing book signings to coincide with the new release.

Full event details aren't available at the time of writing, but click on the link below soon to see if Robert Muchamore will be signing books somewhere near you!



Imagine the scene, it's Christmas morning and you've just become the proud owner of an iPad, Kobo or Kindle.

But when you visit the online bookstore, you're horrified to discover that you can' t buy any books by your favorite author Robert Muchamore!

Well fear not, you no longer have to settle for crappy e-books from second raters like Shakespeare and Rowling!

CHERUB and Henderson's Boys e-books are now on their way, starting with The Recruit and The Escape this December, with more Muchamore titles to follow throughout 2012!

CHERUB News is off for it's Christmas break, but we'll be back at the end of January, and don't forget to keep your eyes on the events page for details on book signings for The Prisoner.

We're not sure what we'll be putting in the next issue, so in the meantime have a great Christmas and please enjoy this lovely picture of a bear on a unicycle.



We're loving this cover for the most hotly anticipated Muchamore release of 2012: CHERUB: Guardian Angel.

The book will be on sale at the start of August, but CHERUB news will have previews and sample chapters online much sooner than that!

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Feb 2nd 2012
Henderson's Boys: The Prisoner (Paperback) £6.99

April 5th 2012
CHERUB: People's Republic (Paperback) £6.99

August 2nd 2012
CHERUB: Guardian Angel (Hardback) £12.99
CHERUB: The Recruit - Graphic Novel £9.99

November 1st 2012
Henderson's Boys: One Shot Kill


2012 is going to be an AMAZING year for CHERUB and Henderson's Boys with more stuff being released than ever before. What's more Hodder Children's books have finally decided when all this stuff is gonna get released: