Volume Two Issue Nine           Christmas 2005                   Thought:  Buy your granny a CHERUB book for Christmas!

Last Christmas we offered the ultimate CHERUB prize and it was our most successful competition ever. This year, the ultimate prize is back and it's even bigger!

For a chance to win, simply answer the four questions and the tiebreaker,
then e-mail your answers to

(1) I joined CHERUB in 1992. Shortly before I retired as an agent, I taught James Adams to swim. What is my name?
A. Kerry Chang
B. Bruce Norris
C. Amy Collins

(2) CHERUB was founded by a man named Charles Henderson. What is significant about this man's initials?
A. They prove that he was secretly James Adams' father
B. They are the first two letters of the acronym CHERUB
C. All CHERUBs must have these initials tattooed on their backs

(3) James' handler is called Meryl Spencer. What is her claim to fame?
A. She can balance a ball on the end of her nose
B. She won a gold medal for the 100m sprint at the 1996 Olympics
C. Her version of the song Funkytown reached number one in the US charts

(4) I was born in 1972. Until recently I worked as a private investigator and my middle name is Kilgore. Who am I ?
A. Robert Muchamore
B. John Jones
Ewart Asker

TIEBREAKER: Robert Muchamore is planning to write at least eight CHERUB books. So far the book covers have gone in order of the CHERUB T-shirt colours (orange, red, blue, grey, navy, black, white) but there are only seven T-shirts!

We want you to tell us what colour you think the cover of the eighth CHERUB book should be and give us a reason WHY!

Competition closes on 26/01/2006. For full terms and conditions click here.


Welcome to the final CHERUB Newsletter of 2005!

First off congrats to George and Gerard who scooped the top prizes of a PSP and an Ipod in our summer mission.

The bad news is that we're taking a Christmas break and the next CHERUB Newsletter will be our 2006 preview, coming your way at the end of January.

The good news is that we've got a new Christmas mission lined up for December.

CHERUB members should receive a text or e-mail to begin their mission before Christmas. If you're not a member yet, join now by CLICKING HERE!

Good luck in the competition. Have a great Christmas and an even greater 2006!

Robert Muchamore

P.S. If you've got any comments or questions on CHERUB books, CHERUB news or CHERUB campus, you can e-mail me at: mail@cherubcampus.com

If you're over thirteen, why not join the CHERUB forums: www.cherubforums.com