Lots of readers moaned that last month's competition was too hard, so this month we're making it a whole lot easier to enter! To enter the draw to win one of three black CHERUB T-shirts in a size of your choice, simply answer the question below:

Robert Muchamore's books are written by?
A. Jim Nasium.
B. A giant killer robot from Mars.
C. Robert Muchamore.
D. A mutant creature that evolved from Barack Obama's ear wax.

Send your answer to:

The competition closes on May 27th 2010. For full terms and conditions click here.

Check back next month for news on the launch of Shadow Wave and some other stuff we haven't thought of yet!
What is it?
The Switch is a short bonus story about an operation involving identical twins Callum and Connor.

How can I get it?
The Switch will initially be available at the end of the new paperback edtion of Brigands MC.

But I already got the hardback!!!
Don't worry, The Switch will also be available as a free download from the beginning of August.

The paperback edition of Brigands MC is now available in the UK and Ireland (Other markets mid-May) and comes complete with The Switch, an exclusive bonus story.

As with the hardback, there will also be a special blue edition, exclusive to UK retailer WH Smith.

May sees a bunch of Robert Muchamore events in Europe!

May 1st & 2nd - Lisbon, Portugal .
Visit the PORTUGUESE CHERUB SITE for full details.

May 8th - Brighton Event - CLICK TO BOOK TICKETS.

May 17th-19th - Paris Henderson's Boys French launch.
Visit the FRENCH CHERUB SITE for full details.

Due to present air transport problems, we suggest you check Robert's Twitter page before making a long journey:


An opinion poll has shown that author Robert Muchamore is set to become the next prime minister of Great Britain.


The poll was conducted on April 6th. The polling sample comprised six Henderson's Boys fans, who were all sugared-up after eating a really big Toblerone. When asked to comment on this sensational poll a Labour party spokesman said, 'Bugger off. How did you get my number and why are you calling me at three in the morning?'

What is it?
CHERUB forums is an online community that’s been run by CHERUB fans since 2005. There are over 16,000 members, who regularly discuss everything from CHERUB books to zebra wrestling.

How do I join?
Anyone aged 13+ can join by CLICKING HERE

Why do I have to be 13?
The forum runs from a computer in the USA, where it is illegal for anyone under 13 to join online forums.

Is it safe?
The forum is as safe as other social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook. Never give away personal details like your address, mobile number or full name. Never arrange to meet another forum member, and speak to an adult if you’re not sure about anything.

Is Robert Muchamore a member?
Yes, Robert regularly posts on the forum. His posts include film news and competitions. He often polls forum members on new cover designs or story ideas. Because he can post on the forum at any time, news often appears here even before you can read it in CHERUB News.

How do I make my first post?
Once you’ve joined and signed in, click Login on the black bar. Navigate to the thread you want to see and click the Reply button. If you want to start a new thread, pick a board such as
Random Messages and use the New Thread button.

What’s my profile for?
When you click PROFILE on the black bar, you can set options such as your avatar. You can also customise settings, such as forum colours and stuff like that.

How do I get a higher T-shirt?
The more you post on the forum, the higher your T-shirt rank gets. Everyone starts at orange, after 50 posts you’ll go up to red. You’ll have to post 6,000 times to be ranked as a black shirt!

I have more questions, where do I go?
The forum has a Rules & Advice board. In particular, there’s an FAQ thread
HERE that answers all of the most common forum questions. You can also ask questions in this board if you can’t find an answer.