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11. I am not allowed to tell people I am a spy to score girls.
12. We know you can hack your friend's email. Don't.
13. "Meatball ate my homework" will never get you off the hook.
  14. I will not refer to Callum and Connor as "bookends".
  15. Rat does not want cages, treats or a wheel.
  16. It is not necessary to order every drink "shaken not stirred".
  17. Just because you have learnt to drive doesn't mean you should.
  18.Stealing girls' clothes from the changing room will be more trouble
  than it's worth.
 19. I can not keep a tally of how many of my friends' bones I have          
broken in the dojo.
20. I am not allowed to write my initials on people's backs with paintball guns.

31. I am not allowed to interrupt Kerry during Neighbours lest I get
beaten to a pulp.
32. CHERUB does not have an "official song" and if it did those certainly wouldn't be the lyrics.
33. Just because Lauren's birth name is Onions doesn't mean she smells like them.
34. "Ahoy Sailor!" is not the correct term of address for navy-shirts.
35. Covering Mac with cheese doesn't make Mac 'n' cheese.
36. The CHERUB training manual may not be used as a drinks coaster.
37. I am not allowed to wear my Help Earth T-shirt on campus.
38. Dave Moss is not a fungi and doesn't appreciate being sprayed with herbicide.
39. I am not allowed to lock agents in cupboards for extended amounts of time
claiming they're on missions.
40. I am not allowed to go and tell alien obsessives that a UFO crash landed on campus.

41. I must not insist that Naked Thursdays would be a good idea on the paintball range.
42. The height obstacle is not a glorified jungle gym set. It should not be treated as such.
43. Kidnapping unsuspecting children does not count as completing a recruitment mission.
44. No matter how many languages you can say it in, you still shouldn't say it.
45. Writing nonsense for 10 pages isn't writing an essay in code.
46. I must not leave incriminating evidence on my phone that might suggest I'm a secret agent.
47. The summer hostel is not simply there for you to smash up.
48. When there are reunions on campus I must not point at strangers and yell "DADDY!"
49. It is cruel to get a girlfriend on every mission only to disappear when the mission is over.
50. No matter how tempting it is, I must not punch Bethany Parker in the face.

1. I am not allowed to roll down the corridors humming the James Bond theme tune.
2. Telling red-shirts that Large's rottweilers "Love cuddles" is not smart and not funny.
3. Zara doesn't appreciate being referred to as "M".
4. Hitting instructors with spades is expressly forbidden.
5. Miss Takada is not a geisha and she will not dance for you.
6. I am not allowed to ask Mac what's under his kilt.
7. Andy Lagan is not a punch bag no matter what James Adams may have told you.
8. I will not refer to Chloe Blake as "the work experience girl."
9. Advanced combat training doesn't make you a ninja.
10. Lock guns should not be used to get hold of your permanent record.

                           21. Ewart doesn't like to have the "E" dropped from his name.
22. Finding the rudest possibility for what CHERUB stands for is a waste of time.
23. Girls are allowed into the boys' gym, so clothes are required.
24. If an instructor gives you laps they don't want you to lick them.
25. Despite his appearance John Jones is not a bank manager and will not give you a mortgage.
26. I will not under any circumstances ask Mac who died and made him boss.
27. I will not scare the red-shirts by telling them that Charles
Henderson's ghost haunts campus.
28. You may be asked to help someone overcome a certain fear;
this doesn't mean you can use them as a slave.
29. I am not allowed to declare an official ‘Hug an instructor' day.
30. I must not insist that a pink shirt should be added at
every opportunity.


  Volume four issue six                                            Summer 2007                                  Thought: Yee-hah, it's fly squishing season!

This month we've got SIX prizes up for grabs:
1. Grand prize of a CHERUB poster, CHERUB T-shirt, CHERUB badge & a signed CHERUB book of your choice!
2. Runner-up prizes of CHERUB posters.
3. Prizes of CHERUB badges.

To enter the prize draw, fit the six numbers above into the six questions below:

A. CHERUB: The Sleepwalker will be the __th CHERUB book.
B. __ children die when The Ark explodes at the end of Divine Madness.
C. The book CHERUB: Man vs Beast has __ chapters.
D. Robert Muchamore was born in 19__
The title of the 5th CHERUB book contains __
F. CHERUB: Mad Dogs will have __ pages.

Once you've filled in the answers, e-mail them to: competition@cherubcampus.com in number/letter format: (eg. A9, B34, C240).

The competition closes on Thursday August 30th 2007. For full terms and conditions click here.
Robert Muchamore has received two more awards for his CHERUB books.

The first was the 2007 Lancashire Children's Book awards, in which Divine Madness beat off John Boyne's The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by a single vote.

The second - and Robert's first international prize - was Japan's 2007 Sakura Medal for The Recruit.

Summer is finally here, which means the CHERUB news team is taking a break.

We'll be back on Friday August 31st with all the latest news in the final few weeks before the release of CHERUB: Mad Dogs on October 3rd.