This month's comp is for a spiffing set of six signed CHERUB books including Man vs Beast!*

To win, simply answer the following three questions:

1. Julian Rhind-Tutt is the voice behind the audio version of The Recruit. Name the Channel Four comedy series in which he stars:
(a) Green Pepper
(b) Green Sleeves
(c) Green Wing

2. What is Lauren Adams' dad called?
(a) Ronald Onions
(b) Ronald Saveloy
(c) Ronald Choke

3. It's recently been announced that the 8th CHERUB book will be called:
(a) Lauren the Magic Cherub
(b) Mad Dogs
(c) James Adams and the Vortex of Slabkarzoid


To enter the prize draw, e-mail the three correct answers to: quiz@cherubcampus.com

Competition closes on 28/09/2006.
For full terms and conditions click here

*We'll send your book as soon as we can get it!

*Fans are always welcome to e-mail Robert Muchamore at: mail@cherubcampus.com. He does his best to reply to everyone!

Volume Three Issue Seven                                   September 2006                           Thought: HOORAH, it's time for school!