Volume Three Issue Eight                          October 2006                            Thought: Why don't the zombies just eat each other?

Come and meet Robert Muchamore at one of this month's launch events and signings!

Saturday 7th @ 1pm, Cheltenham Festival
Sorry sold out!

Sun 8th @ 3pm
Dulwich Picture Gallery
Talk and signing. Tickets through Dulwich Village Bookshop on (020) 8693 2808.

Tue 17th @ 4:30pm Heffers, Grafton Centre, Cambridge
In store signing.
To reserve signed copies call (01223) 568551.

Thur 19th Oct @ 4pm Ottakars Milton Keynes
In store signing.
To reserve signed copies call (01908) 395384.

Wed 25th Oct @ 6pm Bromley Library
Talk and signing. Tickets through Waterstones – The Glades Shopping Centre (020) 8460 6037.

A great hunt for CHERUB: Man vs Beast erupted early last month as a distributor's error saw 345 copies of the latest book in the CHERUB series released almost TWO MONTHS early!

While most fans will have to wait until the official October fifth publication date, a few lucky fans snapped up the accidentally released copies.

Some of them posted reviews and comments on the CHERUB Forum and many have claimed that Man vs Beast is the best CHERUB book yet!

"Easily the best book of the series so far!"

"The best story in the series. Deserves five stars" Saxsux.

*I didn't think it could be done, but Man vs Beast is actually better than Class A" Perky.

"A superb book with loads of action, plus plenty of stuff on campus too." Josh.

"The best part was Lauren blackmailing James, I can't believe she did that!" Chris.

"I luffed it!" Helen.


How fit do you think James is out of ten?

(Laughs) He's good looking so I'd probably say seven or eight, but I prefer older guys. If he was older, I'd probably say a nine.

It must be stressful being a cherub. What do you do to de-stress?
Actually my favourite thing is just hanging out. Like, in the summer when everyone's knackered after lessons and training, we head over to the lake on campus and just chill out watching the sun go down.

Why are you so neat?
I find it very annoying when I can't find stuff and the best way around that is to be neat. I also spend most of my allowance on clothes and I hate seeing them get trashed so I always make sure they're properly cleaned and hung up.

Some people may say that you're a sissy because you're gay. How would you reply to that?
I think that the idea that gay people are weak is a really dated stereotype. I'm not a violent person, but CHERUB training gives you a lot of physical confidence. If you put me in a fight with a hundred random people, I'd probably be able to handle ninety-nine of them!

Which famous person do you most admire?
I'm sure there are a lot of great men and women in the world who I ought to admire, but to be honest it's the tennis player Rafael Nadal, because he's HOT!

How many times did you do basic training before you passed?
I passed basic training at the first attempt, but I didn't feel good about it because my best friend Rod Nilsson got sick and was forced to leave CHERUB.

What sort of occupation do you want later in life?
Being a cherub has brought me into contact with all sorts of criminals and law enforcement people and I'm really interested in getting a law degree and becoming a barrister.

And finally, do you like turnips?
Err… no.

Kyle Blueman, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed for CHERUB news.
My pleasure.

Thanks to forum members for all their questions and congratulations to Alexa23 who won a CHERUB torch for the best question of all!

If you're aged 13 or over why not join the forums now at www.cherubforums.com?


Kyle Blueman gets his biggest role yet in CHERUB: Man vs Beast which is released this month. He kindly agreed to answer questions set by members of the CHERUB Forum.

Do you think James and Kerry's relationship will ever work out?
They're a funny pair because they have very different personalities. You never know from one day to the next how they'll be getting along and the only thing I'm certain of is that their relationship will always be a volatile one.

*Fans are always welcome to e-mail Robert Muchamore at: mail@cherubcampus.com. He does his best to reply to everyone!