Volume Two Issue Eight                                October 2005                          Thought: The Killing is so near I can almost feel it!


This month's quiz is especially for fans of James' sister Lauren!

(1) What does Lauren hit Mr Large with in Class A/The Dealer?
(A) Baseball bat
(B) Shovel
(C) Frozen leg of lamb

(2) What is Lauren's best friend called?
(A) Bethany Parker
(B) Bethany Blueman
(C) Britney Spears

(3) According to Lauren's late mother, if Lauren is given two options she will always pick:
(A) The first one
(B) The second one
(C) The third one

To enter the draw for one of two signed copies of Maximum Security with a CHERUB dog tag, e-mail the correct answers to: quiz@cherubcampus.com

Competition closes on 27/10/2005.
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CHERUB News beat off stiff competition from CNN and Hello magazine to secure this exclusive interview with Robert Muchamore in which he speaks about his newly released book, The Killing.

So, what's The Killing about?
James' fourth mission takes him on a low-key operation in East London. He's supposed to unearth information about a small-time crook called Leon. But as the story unravels, it turns into something much bigger which involves a police corruption and murder.

How are James and Kerry getting along in this one? Does James cheat on her again?
I'm not telling, but things never go smoothly between them and this book is no exception. Oh, and something pretty big happens between them on the very last page!

Who are the main characters in The Killing, besides James?
Dave Moss from Maximum Security is James' partner on the mission. All the usual suspects are present, with Shakeel getting a big role at the start of the book and the introduction of a major new female character called Dana Smith.

What about Lauren?
Lauren has a smaller role in The Killing than she did in Maximum Security, but don't worry, she's back working alongside James in Divine Madness and Man vs Beast.

A few people have complained that each CHERUB book is shorter than the one before it. Is that true for The Killing?
Don't worry, the books are getting bigger again! The Killing is longer than Class A (The Dealer) or Maximum Security. Divine Madness is the longest CHERUB book by miles.

Does anyone get killed off?
No! I always think killing characters off is really cheesy.

Lastly, when can fans buy the book?
The Killing comes out on October 13th in the UK and Australia, but you might be able to get hold of it a week or two earlier. Fans in Asia and New Zealand should be able to get the book shortly afterwards and it hits Canada in November.

There are no firm plans for The Killing in the USA yet. The next book there is Maximum Security in February.



First off a special welcome to all the new American fans who've been e-mailing me and joining the CHERUB Forum over the last month.

For UK & Australian fans, CHERUB: The Killing comes out just a few days after this newsletter.

I've got some events lined up where you can meet me and get your mitts on signed copies:

October 3rd:
Borders Brent Cross @ 4PM
October 6th:
The Bookshop Dulwich
Village @ 4PM
October 7th:
Ottakars Milton Keynes @4PM
October 27th (Half Term week): Norwich Millenium Library at The Forum. Public talk followed by book signing. Starts 10:30am.

Signed copies of The Killing will also be available from the Heffers Cambridge from October 7th and Harrods Knightsbridge from October 18th.

If some of you make it to an event, don't forget to mention that you read the newsletter!

Have a great month, and I hope you all enjoy The Killing!

Robert Muchamore

P.S. Fans are always welcome to e-mail me at: mail@cherubcampus.com
I try my hardest to answer everyone!

Or, if you're over 13, join the gang on the CHERUB forums