Volume Two Issue Six                                     July/August 2005                                    Thought: So who is James' father?

That's the question we put to CHERUB Forum members. After arranging this exclusive interview, we picked out their best questions and put them to James himself!

Hello James. First of all, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by CHERUB news.
No worries!

Let's get right on with the questions. If you had a chance to leave CHERUB and have your Mum back, would you take it?
Start me off with a nice easy one, why don't you! CHERUB is a great place to grow up, but if there was a chance for my mum to come back to life I'd totally take it. Who wouldn't?

Do you ever think about your dad and do you think you'll ever try to find him?
Funny, I used to wonder about that all the time when I was little, but since I've come to CHERUB there's been so much going on that I've stopped thinking about it. CHERUB did an investigation before they recruited me, because they obviously wouldn't want my dad popping up out of the blue. They couldn't find any trace of him, so what chance have I got?

What do you think would have happened if you hadn't been selected by CHERUB?
(LAUGHS) Bad things! I mean, I guess I'm bright enough to have sorted myself out sooner or later, but I could easily have seen myself copping a spell in a young offenders or something.

Since you're such a whiz at maths, would you do my maths homework for me?
Well, they work us hard on campus, so we all help each other out. I usually help Kerry and Bruce with their maths, but I'll help anyone if there's a fiver in it!

Are you thankful to Mr Large for the things he taught you in basic training?
If you ask me, he's a nasty sadistic git. I mean, all the training instructors are tough, but that dude enjoys every second. He gets such a kick out of making us miserable that he even puts in loads of unpaid overtime.

What do you think about your sister Lauren whacking Mr Large with a spade?
In hindsight, I think it's hilarious. But at the time it was probably my scariest moment at CHERUB. After all we'd been through with my uncle Ron and our mum dying, I just couldn't handle the idea of Lauren being expelled and sent off to live somewhere else.

What did it feel like to shoot a man?
At the time I hardly thought about it. I mean, it wasn't as if I had any choice. But since then I've wondered, like if the guy has a kid or something. Or maybe his old mum's knocking around somewhere bursting into tears every time she sees his picture on the mantelpiece…

Has your friendship with Kyle changed in any way since he told you he was gay?
It's such a weird thing having a gay best friend. But everyone knows I'm going out with Kerry so at least nobody thinks I'm gay. Hmmm, I really can't think of a good answer to that question... Next!

Why did you cheat on Kerry, dirtbag?
(JAMES LAUGHS UNEASILY) I bet it was a girl who asked that question.
As a matter of fact, it was.
I know I didn't exactly treat Kerry very well. But it's really different when you're on a mission. Living under a different name, getting into all these dodgy situations. And I mean, bottom line, what guy is gonna turn down a good looking girl who practically throws herself at you?

If you could go on a mission anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I've always thought Australia sounds nice. I've had a couple of e-mails from Amy Collins since she moved out there to be with her brother and it sounds really cool.

What do you expect to be doing later in life?
You know, ever since I got back from America I've really been into motorbikes, you know reading magazines about them and stuff? I reckon I'd be happiest working for a motorcycle racing team. I'm not that co-ordinated so I probably wouldn't make it as a rider, but I could be a mechanic, or maybe even a racing bike designer or something.

One final question from the CHERUB Forum members: If you were a biscuit, what type of biscuit would you like to be?
At last an easy question! Definitely a Jaffa Cake. I can scoff two packs of Jaffa cakes in one sitting, no sweat.

James Adams, on behalf of CHERUB news, thank you very much for answering our questions.
(SHRUGS) My pleasure. How much did you say? Fifty quid wasn't it?




This month we've got two CHERUB trilogies signed by Robert Muchamore up for grabs! And because so many of you have told us that our quizzes are too easy, we've made this month's extra tough!

To enter the draw for one of two signed trilogies, answer the following questions correctly and e-mail the answers to: quiz@cherubcampus.com

(1) In The Recruit, James has a friend who lives a few doors from his mother's flat. What is his full name?
(A) Sam Blueman
(B) Sam Smith
(C) Sam Jones

(2) Which two foods does James dislike?
(A) Mayonnaise and curry
(B) Pickled onions and beetroot
(C) Mayonnaise and bananas

(3) What does James say to Dave Moss when he fist meets him in John Jones' office?
(A) I've heard all about you, Dave
(B) Yo, dude
(C) Pleased to meet you, David

Competition closes on 25/8/2005.
For full terms and conditions click here.



This newsletter's so packed that they've squeezed me into this tiny space down at the bottom, but I've got some big news to fill it!

Saturday June 11th saw the 25th Red House Children's Book Awards in London and I'm happy to say that CHERUB: The Recruit won the Older readers category. Thanks soooo much to everyone who voted for me!

Next month the newsletter makes way for the CHERUB Summer Mission, but we'll be back at the end of August.
Have a great summer!

Robert Muchamore
P.S. Fans are always welcome to e-mail me at: mail@cherubcampus.com I try my hardest to answer everyone!