Volume Three Issue Five                           June 2006                               Thought: No, I really don't want to join you on Bebo...

This month we've got five CHERUB posters up for grabs. To enter the draw answer the three questions below and e-mail your answers to: quiz@cherubcampus.com

(1) What is the name of the cult in Divine Madness?
(A) Help Earth
(B) The Survivors
(C) Bob Marley & The Wailers

(2) Who are the three agents on the Hong Kong mission?
(A) James, Dana & Lauren
(B) Bethany, Jake & Lauren
(C) Bruce, Kyle & Kerry

(3) Which CHERUB loses part of a toe during the climax?
(A) Dana Smith
(B) Jake Parker
(C) Greg Rathbone

Competition closes on 29/06/2006.
For full terms and conditions click here


*Fans are always welcome to e-mail Robert Muchamore at: mail@cherubcampus.com. He does his best to reply to everyone!