Volume Three Issue One                    February 2006                              Thought: Stop picking at it, it'll only make things worse.

We've just received a batch of metal CHERUB badges. For a chance to wear 2006's ultimate fashion accessory, simply answer the three questions below and e-mail the correct answers to: quiz@cherubcampus.com

(1) Which CHERUB character first appears in The Killing?
(A) Kyle Blueman
(B) Bob T. Builder
(C) Dana Smith

(2) CHERUB: Divine Madness will be published in the UK on:
(A) April 6th 2006
(B) December 12th 2006
(C) November 22nd 1963

(3) CHERUB: Man vs Beast is published this October. What is it about?
(A) Bare knuckle boxing
(B) An animal rights terrorist group
(C) Kerry Chang exploding under mysterious circumstances

Competition closes on 23/02/2006.
For full terms and conditions click here

*Fans are always welcome to e-mail Robert Muchamore at: mail@cherubcampus.com. He does his best to reply to everyone!