I really hope so. We sold the rights to make a CHERUB film to a production company a few years back. Since then they’ve been working on a script and on raising money to get the film made. If all goes well, the producers hope to shoot the film in early 2012 and release it in 2013, BUT there have already been loads of delays so don’t be surprised if it gets held up again!


This month four lucky winners will get a signed Muchamore paperback of their choice and we'll throw goodies and other stuff into the prize winning envelopes too!

To enter the draw to win, all you have to do is correctly match the six overseas CHERUB covers
1-6 (above) with the title and cover descriptions A-F (below)

E-mail your answer to: competition@cherubcampus.com before the closing date of November 30th. Full terms and conditions can be read HERE.

There’s a bunch of questions that Robert Muchamore gets asked over and over and over and over and over and over again, until he goes mental and throws a hissy fit (we actually saw this happen once, but sadly we didn't video it). So, Rob’s gonna answer all those questions in this month’s newsletter and will brutally slay anyone who ever dares to ask them again:

Click the links above to check out the CHERUB YouTube channel, CHERUB Fan Forums, plus Robert Muchamore's Twitter and Facebook pages. See you there!

CHERUB News will be back for it's final 2011 issue on Friday December 2nd.

The Christmas issue is the home of our Ultimate Competition. Last year's prize contained over 100 CHERUB items.

Will we be able to beat it with Ultimate VII? You can bet your Christmas presents on it!

Kids have an annoying habit of growing, so there’s no point casting child actors until we know exactly when the movie will get made. All decisions on casting will be made by a casting director who has yet to be appointed, so I can’t answer any questions about where auditions will be, who they'll be open to and stuff like that.

It’s not impossible, but we’re concentrating on getting the CHERUB movie made right now!

Nothing is fixed yet, but I’m working on this and hopefully we’ll see my stuff start to appear for Kindle and other e-book readers some time in 2012.

Henderson’s Boys is rooted in World War Two, so there’s no scope to carry on the story after the war ends. Book 5, The Prisoner and book 6 One Shot Kill will be released in 2012. The seventh and final book will be released in mid-2013.

The new CHERUB series will start with the three book Aramov Clan storyline. I’ve not yet decided whether to continue CHERUB series two after that, but if fans continue liking the books and I can come up with some more storylines, I’ll definitely consider it.

I’ve not ruled this in or out at this stage. I do know that after writing 12 books about James I was running out of ways to use him as a character. Other characters like Amy and Lauren have already appeared in CHERUB series two, and you'll see a couple more familiar faces in Guardian Angel.

I usually write one CHERUB book and one Henderson's Boys book per year. With Henderson's Boys ending in 2013, I expect I'll be starting something new in 2014. But that's still a long way off so I've got some ideas, but nothing has been decided yet.

2012 will see the release of The Prisoner in February and CHERUB: Guardian Angel in August. There will also be the first ever CHERUB Graphic Novel, though we’re not sure when it will come out yet.

I usually do a series of signings each time a new book comes out, so the next batch will be in Feb 2012. It’s not practical to go everywhere on one tour, so we cover different areas for each tour, plus there’s usually at least one event in London because I live there so that's really easy to set up.

I also do events overseas when my foreign publishers ask me. In previous years I’ve been to Denmark, Australia, Portugal, France, Switzerland and quite a few other places. It’s always great to meet fans in other countries, so hopefully some more publishers will be inviting me in 2012.

We first mentioned campuscherub.com a couple of issues back, but we're giving it another plug because we reckon it's the best Muchamore fan site out there!

The site recently got over 5,000 entries in its favoUrite CHERUB awards and the English and French pages will be joined by a new Portuguese section in early November.

If you haven't checked this fan site out already, we highly recommend it.