We've got two signed sets of the first three Henderson's Boys books up for grabs.

To enter the draw to win, simply send the correct answers to the three questions below to:

1. The title of the 5th Henderson's Boys book has recently been announced. Is it called?
A. The Poisoner
B. The Prizefighter
C. The Prisoner

2. Henderson's boys is set during:
A. World War One
B. World War Two
C. World War Three

3. Grey Wolves will be released in:
A. June 2012
B. February 2012
C. February 2011

Every December, CHERUB News holds its Ultimate Competition, offering one lucky winner our biggest prize of the year. The 2009 prize contained over 55 CHERUB and Henderson's Boys items. Can the 2010 prize be even bigger?

PLUS - People's Republic. Get ready to meet the new generation of CHERUB agents!

We're pleased to announce that Robert Muchamore's author website www.muchamore.com has had a bit of a spruce up over the past month.

The biggest changes are to the Writing Tips page, which now contains "Robert Muchamore's Ten Minute Guide To Becoming a Literary Genius", plus an all new Recommended Reads page for when you run out of CHERUB and Henderson's Boys stuff!

Entries close 25/11/2010. For full terms and conditions click here.
The fourth Henderson's Boys adventure Grey Wolves will
be hitting bookstores in February.

If you want a taste now, click the link above to read the sample chapters. Or watch the video below, to learn more about Grey Wolves and what Robert Muchamore has in
store for the rest of the Henderson's Boys series.

The CHERUB apparel shop has had a revamp in time for Christmas. We've added new T-shirts, new hoodies and extra colour choices for most items.

What's more, if you get your Christmas order in before November 26th, you'll get free shipping using the coupon below!