Robert Muchamore is working on a top secret new project due for publication in 2011.

We don't yet know anything about it, but how cool would it be if one of the main characters was named after you?

To enter the draw to win this unique prize (along with a signed copy of the book when it gets released) simply send an e-mail with your name to:

Christmas means only one thing here at CHERUB news: our ultimate prize. Last year, one lucky winner copped 50 CHERUB items (pictured right). How much bigger will this year's prize be? FIND OUT ON FRIDAY NOVEMBER 27TH
Entries close 26/11/2009. For full terms and conditions click here.


1. It’s coming sooner than you think! The publication date has been moved forwards by a month and Secret Army will reach UK bookstores in the first week of February.

2. This book shows you how CHERUB campus was at the very beginning: a few small, cold buildings on the edge of an artillery firing range.

3. CHERUB training is underway! The first ever basic training group comprises Paul, Rosie, Marc and PT plus new recruits Joel and Luc.

4. Luc is the most capable trainee in the first group. He’s also a brutal and sadistic bully.

5. The first ever training instructors are Kindhe, who we met in Eagle Day and Mr Takada, a Japanese martial arts expert.

6. Other residents of CHERUB campus in 1941 include Charles Henderson’s deranged wife, Pippa the cook and a collection of deadly spiders evacuated from London Zoo.

7. The title Secret Army refers to a comment by Prime Minister Winston Churchill in which he suggested setting up a ‘secret army’ of undercover agents to work in occupied Europe.

8. The book follows Charles Henderson’s struggle to convince his superiors that sending kids to work undercover isn’t an insane idea.

9. After parachute training, the six young agents must prove their worth by competing against teams of French, Polish and Norwegian soldiers in a training exercise that takes place during the coldest British winter of the last century.

10. You can read the opening three chapters of Secret Army by clicking HERE


Last month our special girly edition newsletter gave fans a chance to pick their ideal CHERUB boyfriend. This month, it's time to pick your perfect CHERUB laydeee!

1. What kind of figure do you like?
A. Slim and elegant, but she can rip you in half if she wants to.
B. Big bust, big shoulders & curvy hips.
C. Athletic build.
D. Catwalk model, very tall & slim.

2. Which is the best hairstyle?
A. Long, straight & black.
B. Shoulder length, scruffy blond.
C. Straight blond, occasionally dyed black.
D. Plaited.

3. You forgot your girlfriend's birthday, do you want a girl who:
A. Pins you to the floor and half strangles you before letting you up for a good make up snog.
B. Gets cheesed off and sleeps with your best mate as revenge.
C. Says it's nothing, but then sulks for three weeks.
D. Forgives you, provided you buy something expensive next time you go shopping.

4. You've both decided on a quiet night watching telly on campus. What would you like to see?
A. Eastenders.
B. A documentary about some weird druggie artist.
C. The Wildlife Channel.
D. MTV Base.

5. You need help with your worst school subject. Fortunately, your girlfriend is brilliant at:
A. Languages.
B. Art.
C. Maths.
D. English.

6. You drank too much and your girlfriend filmed an embarassing video of you dancing in your underpants. Does she:
A. Tease you, but you know she won't really show everyone because she's a good person.
B. Don't worry, she's got no friends to show.
C. She just HAS to show her best friend who is the biggest gossip on campus.
D. She deletes the video because she wouldn't want to hurt your feelings.

So which girl is right for you?

Mostly As – Kerching! Kerry's your chic.
Mostly Bs – Welcome to the strange world of Dana Smith
Mostly Cs – Lauren Adams is your ideal bit of fluff.
Mostly Ds – Slim and sensuous, your girl is Gabrielle.