We’ve got two special London CHERUB signings lined up for Saturday November 22nd. This will be your last chance to meet Rob and get your books signed in 2008.

The CHERUB: Ultimate Edition will be on sale at both events and makes a great Christmas gift for all your poor CHERUB deprived friends and relatives!

29 Fortis Green Rd
London, N10 3HP

If you are unable to attend the signing but wish to purchase a signed CHERUB title, please call 020 8444 5500

87–135 Brompton Road
London, SW1X 7XL
Waterstone's Children's Books 4th Floor
(Located near the Egyptian Staircase)

If you are unable to attend the signing but wish to purchase a signed CHERUB title, please call 020 7225 5721 (direct dial for Waterstone's Children's Department)

The ultimate CHERUB Trivia Mission will begin on November 12th.

To win you’ll have to battle through four rounds of CHERUB trivia questions. But be warned, the questions are tough and you need to get a higher mark each time to make it through to the final round!

Click below to enrol. First round online, November 12th


The Christmas issue of CHERUB News means just one thing: The Ultimate Prize!

The 2007 version was a collection of 36 CHERUB items and the 2008 prize is going to be even bigger!

When can we buy it?
The first book, The Escape, will be out in
February 2009 (March Aus/NZ). You’ll only have to wait four months for the sequel, Eagle Day, which is a good job because the end of the first book leaves you hanging in suspense!

Does this mean you’ve stopped writing CHERUB?
No way! There will be at least two more CHERUB books. Brigands MC will be out in September 2009, and Shadow Wave will be out in late 2010.  James’ CHERUB career will end with book twelve, and I haven’t yet decided whether to carry on the series without him.
Why couldn’t you just carry on doing two CHERUB books per year?
As you write more of a series, it gets harder to keep coming up with fresh plots. I still enjoy writing CHERUB, but after working on the books for five years I was having trouble finding new storylines and I was getting into a bit of a rut, so I thought I’d tell a different part of the CHERUB story.

So what is Henderson’s Boys about?
At the very start of The Recruit, I wrote a page about Charles Henderson and how he founded CHERUB after working undercover with kids during World War Two. Henderson’s Boys tells the story of these wartime missions.
How many books will there be?
I’ve planned three stories so far. These books work as a trilogy, taking the story up to the point where CHERUB is founded. I’m thinking about carrying the series on, telling the stories of more missions up to the end of the war, but for now I’m concentrating on the first three books.
Do we get to find out what CHERUB stands for?
Yes! There’s actually quite a big clue in the preview chapter from The Escape at the end of The General. There’s another big clue in Eagle Day. When Secret Army comes out in 2010, you’ll not only find out exactly what CHERUB stands for, but learn the origin of the CHERUB logo.
Will Henderson’s Boys be more violent than CHERUB?
Yes. Agents like James Adams live in the modern world, where everything is fairly safe and cosy. Henderson’s Boys is set during World War Two and the world is a much less comfortable place. There isn’t enough food, there are bombs going off. The stakes are much higher and the young agents face torture and execution if they’re caught by Nazi secret police.
Is it just about boys? And if it is, isn’t that a bit sexist?
The world of the 1940s was a pretty sexist place. Men went to work, women stayed home and brought up kids. But as the war went on, the roles of women changed as they went out to work in factories or mines, joined the military and ran much of the Resistance Movement in occupied France. These changes are reflected in the books and there’s at least one girl character who’s determined to prove that she’s capable of way more than washing dishes and sewing the boys’ ripped clothes.

Will we see any of the characters from CHERUB?
The oldest regular character in CHERUB is Mac, he’s the son of Charles Henderson and may appear later in the series as a baby.

Will it have the same writing style as CHERUB, with swearing and stuff?
Pretty much! Although the books are set nearly seventy years in the past, I reckon that kids then were pretty much the same as kids now. They swear, fight, bully, get on each other’s nerves and try to snog members of the opposite sex.

Are the books historically accurate?
Kind of. I’ve tried to base all the stories on real historical events, like the Battle of Britain, the fall of France and Hitler’s planned invasion of Britain in the autumn of 1940. However, CHERUB and Henderson’s Boys aren’t real organisations, so while I’ve tried to make the stories realistic these are fun adventure stories, not serious history books.
And I’d definitely double check with a proper  historical source before using any facts you read in Henderson’s Boys in your History homework!
Will there be any special events for the launch?
Yes. I’ll be touring around the country doing signings and events at which we hope to have freebies and stuff for all the fans. Look out for more info in the next two newsletters and on the events page at

Where can I find out more?
The Henderson’s Boys website is online at
There’s also a discussion of Henderson’s Boys on the CHERUB forums at