Volume Two Issue One                           February 2005                              Thought for the day: Where do baby storks come from?


After seeing the first CHERUB mission, 16-year-old fan Alan came up with one of his own. Alan also runs his own web site www.spyit.co.uk

We thought his mission was so cool that we donated some prizes. But be warned, this one's tough!

To win one of two signed copies of CHERUB: Class A, read your mission briefing and get cracking:

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an official Hodder/CHERUB competition.
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See www.spyit.co.uk for full terms and conditions.

To start, enter your e-mail address in the box below and click Begin:

Two winners will be notified on or shortly after the closing date of 01/03/2005.




CHERUB: Maximum Security - April
In some parts of America, children as young as thirteen serve time in adult prisons. The open cells housing young offenders are nicknamed Gladiator Schools by older inmates because of their violent reputation.

James not only has to survive in this brutal environment, but befriend a fellow inmate and persuade him to escape.

Author's Comment: "I did a ton of research to make sure every detail in Max is realistic, and had loads of fun writing it. It's got more action in it than The Recruit and Class A combined.

CHERUB: The Killing - October
James' life would be a lot easier if his behaviour on campus matched up to his outstanding performance on undercover missions.

When a violent outburst costs him all his friends and lands him in deep trouble, James finds himself on a mission that nobody else wants.

Author's Comment: "After all the mayhem in Maximum Security, I wanted to do a more down to earth story like The Recruit. But James' routine mission doesn't stay that way, with Kerry, Lauren and several other agents getting involved.

CHERUB: Der Agent - Germany/August
CHERUB: The Recruit - USA/ Fall

By the end of 2005 CHERUB will have another 350 million potential readers, with the German translation of The Recruit due in August and CHERUB hitting the USA in autumn.

Author's Comment: "Woo hoo, more money for me!



Seeing CHERUB turn from an idea in my head into books that have been read by thousands of people has probably been the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me.

Since The Recruit was published last April, I've had messages from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada, Malta, Sweden, USA, Spain and others.

I've even had three marriage proposals, which seems a bit strong no matter how much you enjoyed reading the books!

I'd like to thank all my fans, especially the ones who've spread the word, written reviews, nominated me for awards and set up the CHERUB forum.

Extra thanks to Pippa, who sent me the funky badges pictured above. I never leave the house without wearing one!

Good luck in the competition!

Robert Muchamore

P. S. If you've got any comments or questions on CHERUB books, CHERUB news or CHERUB campus, you can e-mail me: mail@cherubcampus.com

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