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Kerry, thanks for agreeing to answer questions posed by CHERUB forum members. I’ll start at the beginning with your life before CHERUB. Your parents were tragically killed in a Hong Kong apartment fire, is that something you think about often?

I think about it sometimes. But unlike many CHERUB agents I was too young to remember much about them. I have a few early memories of toys and a blurry image of my mother’s face but I don’t have the kind of deeper emotional connection that someone like Gabrielle feels for parents who she can remember clearly.
CN: So your first proper memories are of life on campus?
KC: I spent three years living in foster homes, then I got taken to CHERUB just after I turned six. I don’t think it even registered that you were supposed to have one set of parents. I just thought being shoved from place to place was normal.
CN: So what’s been your worst moment at CHERUB?
KC: Failing basic training, and the whole thing with my knee. It was a very serious injury and for a while it was touch and go as to whether I’d ever be able to run again, let alone complete basic training.
CN: And how is the knee nowadays?
KC: Not too bad, but I still get the odd twinge. I have it examined by a specialist every year and they might have to do a minor operation when I’ve finished growing.
CN: Moving on to the subject that raised more questions than anything else. One fan asks: James is a vain, cocky, chauvinistic, randy pig who has cheated on you numerous times. What is it you see in him?
KC: (Laughs) I think anyone who expects to meet Mr Perfect is in for a nasty shock! James does stupid stuff and I was badly hurt when he went off with Dana, but James' flaws are out there for everyone to see and he’s usually decent enough to admit when he’s done something stupid. I’d rather have someone like James who is flawed but basically a good guy, than some creep who pretends to be something he isn’t.
CN: So you can see yourself getting back with James some day?
KC: I don’t know, life is so complicated with missions and stuff and we’re both nearing the end of our CHERUB careers now. Who knows where we’ll end up?
CN: Have you made plans for your future?
KC: Not yet, it’s something I really need to get my head around. I feel like I’m too young to box myself in, but I’ll soon have to start making decisions about what I want to do with my life.
CN: Could you ever imagine living with James after you’ve both left CHERUB?
KC: I could definitely imagine it and maybe it wouldn't be all that bad. But I can’t think of anyone who ended up marrying the person who was their boyfriend when they were 12 or 13. So many things are going to happen in our lives. We could end up living in different countries. I may even luck out and meet Mr Perfect!
CN: Kerry, thanks for taking the time to talk to CHERUB News, and good luck with your future, wherever it takes you!
KC: No problem, it's been a pleasure!

Music: Klaxons

Milkshake: Banana

Takeaway: Chicken Deluxe

Chocolate bar: Bounty Dark

Clothes: Abercrombie & Fitch

Game: Rock Band

Greatest strength: Karate skills

Greatest weakness: Soap addict!
Ever wondered which CHERUB agent was the right guy for you? Take our quiz to find out!

1. What kind of bod are you looking for?
A. Lean & strong.
B. Hunky and muscular, but just slightly tubby.
C. Average height with a good tan.
D. Tall and athletic.

2. How do you like your guy’s hair?
A. Slightly scruffy.
B. Cropped blond.
C. Dark, neatly gelled.
D. Huge tangled mess.

3. What’s your idea of a perfect date?
A. Going to McDonald's, starting a fight in the queue and destroying the entire restaurant in an orgy of martial arts violence.
B. Watching an Arsenal match while your boyfriend tries to get his hands up your shirt.
C. A nice meal, followed by a cool club.
D. Steak & shrimp on the barbie.

4. You’ve forgotten to do your homework, do you want a guy who:
A. Can’t help, but may be able to beat the answers out of someone else.
B. Hasn’t done his homework either.
C. Produces a folder of meticulous notes and helps draw your diagrams for you.
D. Is willing to help, but you can’t read his writing.

5. Your BFF has told you her darkest secret and you accidentally let it slip. Do you want a boyfriend who:
A. Will only tell his teddy.
B. Gets drunk and blurts it out to everyone.
C. Laughs bitchily, but keeps it under his hat.
D. Doesn't really care for gossip and forgets what you said.

6. You’re in the DVD library on CHERUB campus, which TV series do you want to watch?
A. Kung Fu
B. Skins
C. Mad Men
D. Summer Heights High

So which guy is right for you?

Mostly As – Bruce Norris is your man.
Mostly Bs – It’s time for a date with James Adams.
Mostly Cs – Kyle Blueman’s the dude for you, pity he’s gay...
Mostly Ds – Aussie ‘Rat’ Rathbone is your perfect squeeze!

Amy Collins
Rosie Clarke
Lauren Adams
Kerry Chang
Holly Wales
Dana Smith