Volume Two Issue Seven                                            September 2005                                    Thought: Wot no Sudoku?


(1) Drug sold by Keith Moore's Gang in CHERUB: Class A.
(2) James is a sore loser when he plays this sport at the start of CHERUB: Maximum Security.
(3) U.S. State, home of the prison in CHERUB: Maximum Security.
(4) Colour of the T-shirt worn by James when he first arrives at CHERUB campus.
(5) Musical instrument that ends up in a swimming pool in CHERUB: The Recruit
(6) Colour of Nicole Eddison's hair.
(7) James stabbed one of these to death with a Biro in CHERUB: The Recruit.

Complete the crossword, then arrange the letters in the five red squares to make the last name of a CHERUB staff member.

To enter the draw for one of two CHERUB T-shirts with matching dog tags, e-mail the name to: quiz@cherubcampus.com

Competition closes on 29/9/2005.
For full terms and conditions click here.

CHERUB News is back! Here's an update on everything that's been going on while we were away:

July 2nd Following on from winning the Red House book award in June, CHERUB: The Recruit wins the Bolton Book award. Robert Muchamore fulfils his lifetime ambition of having his picture taken while holding a giant cheque.

July 14th The CHERUB Forums pass the 1,000 member benchmark and celebrate their first birthday a few days later.

July 20th
Hodder Australia announce that CHERUB: The Killing will be printed in Australia and published in October. This means that Australian fans will be able to get their hands on a CHERUB book at the same time as UK readers for the first time.

July 25th The Recruit wins the Bishop Luffa book award. Its third prize in two months!

July 26th After working as a private investigator for fourteen years, Robert Muchamore quits his job to write full time. He celebrates by drinking too much and burning his collection of ties.

July 29th CHERUB summer mission launched. Don't forget, the mission runs until October 1st, so you can still join in, or recruit your friends to gain more points when you go back to school. With 500 T-shirts up for grabs, you've got a serious chance of winning a prize!

To join go to www.cherubagents.org

August 3rd CHERUB: Der Agent, the German version of The Recruit is published.

August 5th Robert Muchamore completes writing his sixth novel CHERUB: Man vs Beast. The book is about James and Lauren infiltrating a radical animal rights group. It will be published in October 2006.

August 12th Egmont books, who published The Recruit in Russia back in April, announce that Class A and Maximum Security will also be published there.

August 30th CHERUB hits the USA as Simon & Schuster publish CHERUB: The Recruit and CHERUB: The Dealer (Class A).

September 5th Kids across Great Britain return to school for another year of bullying, Shakespeare and cold chips.

The only thing keeping them happy is the thought that CHERUB: The Killing will be published on October 13th!



Lots of people seem to think that you're rich as soon as you get your first novel published. Sadly it's not true.

For the last couple of years I've had to juggle writing CHERUB with my job as a private investigator.

But not any more! With the CHERUB books selling well and coming out in Germany and the USA this month, I've given up my job to write full time.

This means I'll be able to write more books, do more signings and school events and meet more CHERUB fans.

Enjoy what's left of the summer!

Robert Muchamore

P.S. Fans are always welcome to e-mail me at: mail@cherubcampus.com
I try my hardest to answer everyone!

Or, if you're over 13, join the gang on the CHERUB forums

P.P.S. Thanks to CHERUB forum member KMG for designing the amazing CHERUB cube logo above!




July 7th Final cover design for CHERUB: Divine Madness released. Click HERE to see it full sized.