it's almost time for the two biggest Muchamore releases of the year!

Ryan, Ethan and Ning continue their adventures in Guardian Angel and you can see James and the series one CHERUB characters. Both books are unleashed on August 2nd and check out for news on two very special tours on the right!


Ever wondered what you'd look like as a CHERUB agent? Next month we've got an amazing competition where one lucky winner will be drawn as a CHERUB agent by graphic novel artist John Aggs.

Are you red-dy for this month's competition. As the release of oh-so-red Guardian Angel approaches, we've produced special batches of red CHERUB pens, and USB memory bracelets.

To enter the draw to win one of four packs containing a USB bracelet, pens and a copy of Dark Sun signed by Robert Muchamore you must correctly answer the following three questions:

1. James Adams supports a football team that usually wears red shirts.
     What is this team called?

2. Which Henderson's Boys book has a red cover?

3. What colour CHERUB shirt is worn by recruits who are too young to
    begin basic training?

E-mail your answer to: before the
closing date of July 29th. Full terms and conditions can be read HERE


Robert Muchamore has given an mini intervew to a the Grey Coat Library Blog and revealed what he'd choose to take if he was marooned on a desert island. Click on the palm tree to find out his answers!

After years of waiting, fans in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic are finally getting their own full on Muchamore tour!

So dig out all your CHERUB books, meet Rob and get your books signed. Or even better come to hear one of Rob's famously outrageous talks at the Mountains of the Sea Festival in Dublin!

September 7th-15th

Athlone, Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Sligo, Newbridge & Waterford

Full details are online now CLICK HERE!

Sadly Rob's mega tour of Ireland means there will be fewer UK events than usual for the launch of Guardian Angel (he has to stay home and write his books some time!).

However, we're lining up some signings, and some really special events where Rob will appear alongside graphic novel artist John Aggs and scriptwriter Ian Edginton.

Full details will be on the website soon, and members should look out for a special tour e-mail in your inbox soon!

We know heaps of Muchamore fans are Minecraft players.

Now enterprising fans at fansite have set up a minecraft server & are building a 3D version of CHERUB campus.

Click the image to join the server or visit the site for more info.