CHERUB News is back on FRIDAY AUGUST 28TH with news on the final countdown to the release of Brigands MC, along with a full tour schedule.


Brigands M.C. will hit UK bookstores on or shortly before September 3rd. Fans in Australia and New Zealand will be able to buy copies a couple of weeks later.

For the first time ever, there will also be a limited edition cover. The blue edition will be restricted to just 8,500 copies and exclusive to UK retailer WH Smith. This rarity is sure to sell out fast!

Tell us a bit about the latest CHERUB book?
The General focused a lot on campus life and CHERUB training. So for Brigands I wanted to do a story with an epic mission. The book spans four years and is the biggest CHERUB book yet, running to over 400 pages.
The cover blurb talks a lot about a new character called Dante Scott. What can you tell us about him?
Dante is the most important character introduced since Rat in Divine Madness. In fact, the first 100 pages of the book are all about Dante. After his parents are brutally murdered by Brigands Motorcycle Club he’s torn between wanting to help James and Lauren on their mission and getting revenge by any means necessary.
Brigands M.C. also appeared in Maximum Security. Will we meet any old faces?
Afraid not! Brigands M.C. is based on real life motorcycle clubs, many of which have chapters all over the world. Maximum Security mentioned the Brigands in California. This book is all about the gang’s UK chapters.
Where did you get the idea of doing a story about a biker gang?
It actually came to me when I was writing Class A back in 2003. I thought a biker gang would make a great background for a CHERUB story, but I realised that it would be much more interesting if James could actually get on a bike and ride with the gang. To do that, I needed to wait until near the end of James’ CHERUB career.
And what about James and Kerry, Lauren and Rat and the rest of the gang?
This is one of those books like Mad Dogs where James is away on a mission pretty much the whole time. You’ll have to wait until Shadow Wave comes out next year to find out more about the relationships.
So, Shadow Wave will be the last CHERUB book?
Shadow Wave will definitely be the last one with James as a CHERUB agent. You’ll see most of the loose ends tied up in that book, including things like what happens to Uncle Ron, what happens about James and his dad. 
If I do decide to write more CHERUB books, I’ll move the story forward a few years so that you can have lots of new characters, probably from very different backgrounds. There’s huge scope to do CHERUB stories in different parts of the world, like China or India, but you can’t go to those places with James and Lauren because they’re blond haired, blue eyed kids who wouldn’t blend in.
How are you feeling about Henderson’s Boys?
The thing I love about writing HB is that there’s a war on, so you can get away with so much craziness! For instance, at the end of Eagle Day there’s a huge action sequence where people plant bombs, shoot people, blow up boats. It’s total carnage and you could never have kids doing that in a modern day CHERUB story because it wouldn’t be realistic.
The frustrating bit is getting fans to try something different!  People who’ve read the new series seem to really like it and hopefully lots more CHERUB fans will give The Escape and Eagle Day a go over the long summer holidays!
And finally, we’ve got to ask, what’s the latest news on the CHERUB movie?
I’ve now seen a draft of the film script. Quite a few things have been changed in order to fit the book into a film, but all the major characters are there along with most of the key scenes, like James beating up Samantha, vandalising the flash house, loads of punch ups and quite a bit of snogging! I think it could make a really good movie. BBC Films are hoping to put it into production early next year, so everyone keep their fingers crossed!

Robert Muchamore will be touring, speaking and signing at events around the UK this autumn.

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