The next CHERUB newsletter will include an exclusive interview with Lady GaGa talking about her love of CHERUB books, news of the discovery of life on Mars and a guaranteed £1 million prize for every reader*.

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If you're being forced to trudge around Tesco getting the weekly shop, you'll be pleased to hear that this exclusive cover (first right) will be available in selected Tesco stores at a special price for a very limited time!

Every year Robert Muchamore visits schools all around the UK. If you think you've got what it takes to put on a special Muchamore event, check out the link below and send us your pitch.

Robert's new 2012-13 events program is targeted at large groups of kids aged between 11 and 13. Each event involves one or two talks.

No matter where you are, or how many kids you want Robert to see, you'll only pay a single £350 +VAT, which includes all travel expenses and a copy of CHERUB: The Recruit for everyone Robert speaks to.

We're currently looking for schools who want Robert to visit in Summer term, Autumn term and early 2013.

Click below to see Robert's school events page and download a PDF giving full details.


We've got a couple of upcoming Muchamore events for your diary!

Weds April 18th - Book Signing
@ Libraries Filigranes Brussels 16:00hr

Saturday May 19th - Queens Park Book Festival
Robert Muchamore & fellow teen author
Sophie McKenzie will be appearing on stage
together for a Q&A session.

The event is at 2pm, with a public signing
for both authors starting at around 3pm.

For festival and ticketing details CLICK HERE or
contact Queens Park Books on 020 7625 1008

If you've not already met Ryan, Ning, Alfie, Doris and the rest of the new CHERUB crew, this is your chance! The paperback edition hits stores on April 5th!



Feel like an afternoon of refined conversation and sophisticated witty banter?

If you do, we're afraid that this is totally the wrong competition for you.

However, if you want an expenses paid trip to London for yourself, a friend/sibling and one adult, plus a chance to meet Robert Muchamore and have lunch with him at Planet Hollywood then click the arrow on the right and answer a very simple question to enter!