So, you've read The Playboy and seen one possible future for James Adams.

But now we're throwing down the gauntlet and asking you to write your own version of James' future!

We know you're busy, so we're giving you the whole Easter Holidays and all the way until June 5th to get your entries in!

And to make it worth your while, we're offering cold hard CASH to whoever writes the three best stories, AND we'll publish the winning entry in a future issue of CHERUB News.

Besides our usual terms and condtiions please note the following:

1. Entries must be about James Adams and must be set in the future.
2. Entries must be a maximum of 2500 words long.

To enter e-mail your story to:

For the first time since publication of The Recruit in 2004 Robert Muchamore has had to cancel events due to illness. Robert has apologised to everyone at Oxfordshire schools where he was due to appear and to fans who came to Mostly Books in Abingdon for his
final Grey Wolves tour signing.

In an exclusive interview with CHERUB News, Robert Muchamore said, 'I'm really sorry, but I was totally knocked out with the flu and I lost my voice.

"I'll be back doing more events later in the year, and if anyone's interested some of the larger bogeys produced during my illness are now up for sale on eBay."

It's been almost a year since we released the insanely addictive CHERUB trivia game. Now there's a super-tough new version with all new questions online at:
If you're a regular CHERUB News reader you'll have already read the opening of People's Republic and met lead character Ryan. Next month you'll get the chance to meet Fu Ning, the other major character in the new book.

Plus, we'll have all the latest news, and of course The Family Man, Robert Muchamore's second vision of James Adams in the year 2031!

What will James Adams be like when he's 40 years old?

With just over a month until the May 5th release of the Shadow Wave paperback, Robert Muchamore has delved deep into the future and written three new mini stories about James, all set in October 2031 and depicting a different future.

The first story, The Playboy, follows billionaire James as he opens his latest Las Vegas casino. You can read it now, while the other two stories will be released with the next two issues of CHERUB news!