CHERUB is now available in the USA, with the hardback
of The Recruit on sale from the beginning of April, while book
two follows in October.

To celebrate the launch, Robert Muchamore has made a video about his first book. To learn more, CLICK HERE to visit the US pages of CHERUB campus.

Brighton Event
Saturday May 8th at 4pm
Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton


HOW TO WIN -To enter the draw to win one of three CHERUB training hoodies in a size of your choice, decode the names of three characters from Robert Muchamore books in the anagrams below:
Send your answer to:

The competition closes on April 29th 2010. For full terms and conditions click here.

Cover and plot details for the fourth Henderson's Boys book Grey Wolves haves been unveiled.

Author Robert Muchamore said, "I was actually going to have a story about German U-Boat operations at the end of the training in Secret Army. However, the training ended up being longer than I'd planned and the U-Boat story is quite complex too, so in the end I split the story into two separate books."

Grey Wolves will be released in February 2011.


Robert Muchamore’s long lost sister Robina was a champion show jumper and one of the world’s top models, until she was badly mauled by hippos in the Australian outback. It took three years of painful plastic surgery to restore her beauty.

Robina now lives in Derbyshire with husband Brian and teenage daughters Mavis and Turbot. This month she joins CHERUB News as our new agony aunt.

There’s a boy in the year above me at school and I have the biggest crush on him. But he’s always hanging around with pretty girls and I don’t think he even knows I exist. How can I get him to like me?
"There’s nothing more important than popularity at school. Forget exams, hard work and all that other rubbish your teachers ramble on about.
The best way to become more popular is to read the CHERUB series of books by Robert Muchamore. These fabulous books are available at all good bookstores priced just £6.99. Buy a full set today, even if you have to steal money from your parents or mug a pensioner."
I've heard that you were voted ‘Fashion Goddess of the Decade,’ by Vogue magazine and I’d like your advice on what to wear to my school dance.
"I’ve recently returned from Milan fashion week and the hot news from the catwalks is all about CHERUB and Henderson’s Boys T-shirts. In 2010 anyone not owning at
least three CHERUB shirts has no chance of getting inside any of the top nightspots.
What’s more, if you spend more than £20 at the CHERUB T-shirt shop before April 10th you can save 10% by entering the code HELLOSUN when you check out.
I am the president of a small Middle Eastern country, but relations with our neighbours have reached a new low. How can I build lasting peace?
"I had an unfortunate row with my sister-in-law a couple of years back. With hindsight I shouldn’t have called her a ‘crab faced old bag’. I apologized by buying her copies of
Henderson’s Boys by Robert Muchamore. She was so grateful that she dropped the restraining order against me and has now made me the major beneficiary in her will.
I suggest that instead of dropping bombs on neighbouring countries, you begin an extensive book donation program. About 1.7million copies of Eagle Day should do the trick."
Do you have a problem for Auntie Robina to solve? If you do send your queries to:
If you’d like a reply please remember to enclose a cheque for £650 made payable to ‘Robert Muchamore’s Secret Swiss Bank Account.’


The paperback edition of Brigands MC will be on sale in the UK from the beginning of May and will come complete with The Switch, a bonus story about agents Callum and Connor Reilly.

To celebrate the launch, Robert Muchamore will be talking and signing at a special event in Brighton on Saturday May 8th. Tickets are on sale now.