What’s going on with CHERUB series two?
The first three books in series two will follow the story of Ryan’s mission to destroy the Aramov Clan, which began in People’s Republic. The second part, Guardian Angel, is out this August and the story concludes with Black Friday in 2013.

Will there be more than three books in CHERUB series two?
I still love writing CHERUB. Writing more depends on two things. First, how well fans react to the new books. So far, almost all the feedback I’ve had on series two has been positive and fans seem to like the new characters. The second problem is that I have to come up with new storylines, and after writing fifteen books in a series, that can get pretty tough!

We’ve already seen Lauren, in People’s Republic. Will we see any of the series one agents again in Guardian Angel?
Yep! There’s no Lauren in Guardian Angel, but you’ll still see plenty of old faces in the scenes on CHERUB campus.

The big question is about the big cheese himself! Will we ever get to see James Adams again?
One reason I didn’t write a big future for James at the end of Shadow Wave was that I wanted to leave it open for him to return some time. I’m really interested to know how James and Kerry are getting on at university in California!

And how’s the CHERUB graphic novel looking?
Great! It’s all finished and the French edition will be out in April, with the English edition in August. John Aggs has done a great job with the artwork, and Ian Edginton’s adaptation of The Recruit feels absolutely spot on.

Moving on to your other series, how come you’re publishing two Henderson’s Boys books this year?
Henderson’s Boys was going to be a six-book series. But when I started planning The Prisoner I had all the stuff about Marc in prison, and then I wanted it to conclude with a big mission where they train as snipers. In the end, I had so much material that the first part became The Prisoner and the rest turned into One Shot Kill, which is out in November.




Could there be more Henderson’s Boys books after number seven?
I’m afraid not. It was always planned as a story that began with the German invasion of France in 1940 and ended with the liberation of Paris in 1944. It’s really a story about the war. I don’t want to stretch it out beyond that, but I’m toying with the idea of writing mini-biographies for the surviving main characters.

You announced in a video that one of the main characters would die in the last book. Any clues?
The last Henderson’s Boys will be out in early 2013. I’ve actually just written the scene where the character dies and I got quite emotional! But you’ll have to wait and see who it is.

So will there be a new completely new Muchamore book or book series soon?
My publishing schedule is full for 2012 and 2013, but there will be something new for 2014. I’ve got some ideas and a project codenamed, ‘Jet.’ But nothing is set in stone yet. The only thing I will say is that my next project won’t be a spy/thriller type thing, but it will still be aimed at the same kind of people who read CHERUB books.

So when will we get to hear about the this new project?
It depends on when I make my final decision and how long it takes to get a deal with my publisher. I’d certainly like to announce my next project and have a website and stuff up and running before the last Henderson’s Boys comes out early next year.

And finally, we can’t let you go without asking about the CHERUB movie! Is it ever going to happen?
With a book, I write it and the publisher prints it. Simples! A movie costs millions of pounds to make. Once you’ve raised the money from investors you’ve got to get the script right, find a director, cast the characters. I’m at least as excited about the idea of a CHERUB movie as most of my fans seem to be. The movie people are working really hard. I’m guessing the earliest they could release it now would be late 2013 and it could easily take even longer. But they do say that the best things in life come to those who wait!




CHERUB News brought you the Guardian Angel cover before anyone else. Now we’re first with the preview chapters of the next CHERUB book!

SPOILER ALERT – Guardian Angel continues the story begun in People’s Republic.
If you haven’t read that book yet, you may want to wait before reading these chapters!

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Robert Muchamore can be pretty elusive about his future plans, but CHERUB News managed to pin him down and get answers to some of your burning questions.

1. James  Adams’ birth name was?
a. James Apple
b. James Cherub
c. James Choke

2. Who passes basic training in the book Maximum Security?
a. Lauren Adams
b. Kyle Blueman
c. Meatball

3. Which of the following CHERUB agents is Australian?
a. Rat
b. Callum
c. Kyle

4. Which of these girls has James Adams never dated?
1. Dana Smith
2. Kerry Chang
3. Bethany Parker

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