Volume Three Issue Two              March 2006             Thought: Why is there a big explosion on the cover of Divine Madness?



This month we've got two CHERUB T-shirts up for grabs! All you have to do to enter the draw is correctly answer the following three questions about Lauren Adams and email the answers to: quiz@cherubcampus.com

(1) What is Lauren Adams' middle name?
(A) Zoe
(B) Chloe
(C) Zippy

(2) In which CHERUB book does Lauren Adams celebrate her 10th birthday?
(A) Class A (AKA The Mission/The Dealer)
(B) Maximum Security
(C) Divine Madness

(3) What is Lauren Adams' father called?
(A) Ronald Onions
(B) Ronald Adams
(C) Ronald Choke

Competition closes on 30/3/2006.
For full terms and conditions click here.

In another truly amazing coup, CHERUB news secured this exclusive interview with Lauren Adams:

Hi Lauren, thanks for speaking to CHERUB news! Your fans on the CHERUB forum have been coming up with questions to ask you over the past month, are you ready to answer them?
I guess so!

Great. Lets go straight to the first question. Do you think CHERUB has made you a better person?
I suppose it has. I mean, one of the weird things about being a cherub is that you end up looking down on ordinary kids. I don't mean that in a nasty way, but when you're walking down the street and you see someone your own age shopping with Mum and Dad and looking dead bored, you almost feel sorry for them!

Were you happy when your dad got sent to jail?
Ermmm… I certainly thought he deserved to go to jail, but I wouldn't say I was happy about it. Ron ended up battering me really badly, but the weird thing is he's my dad and I still love him a little bit. I wrote him a letter once, but in the end I never posted it.

How nervous were you on your first mission in Arizona?
Terrified! The mission was categorised high risk and I nearly ended up getting strangled. My biggest fear was that I'd make some kind of mistake and get blamed for blowing the whole operation.

What's it like having a chav for a brother?
HA-HA!!! Great question! Me and Kerry always tease James about being a chav. He gets really annoyed but it's totally true. His entire wardrobe consists of tracksuits, football shirts and trainers. We've tried getting him to buy some nicer things, but he insists on wearing the same old tat.

Which of James' friends do you get on best with?
That's an easy one: Kyle. He's almost five years older than me, but he's a really nice guy and he never treats me like I'm a kid.

Is there anyone on CHERUB campus that you fancy?
There are some pretty cute guys, but they're mostly older, like sixteen or seventeen. The boys in my age group are totally immature. Their idea of a good time is three hours on a Playstation followed by a belching competition.

Will you marry me?
Not unless you're a billionaire with less than three weeks to live!

What would it take to persuade you to let your hair go blonde again?
Actually, it's already growing back blonde. Cherubs aren't encouraged to dye their hair because we might need to dye it again for a mission and all the different chemicals could make it go funny and drop out! Meryl Spencer spoke to me about it and I agreed to let it go back to normal.

Finally, what are you planning on doing once you leave CHERUB?
I'm not sure, but I'm only eleven years old so I reckon I've got plenty of time to make up my mind. I guess my fantasy job would be lead singer in a rock band, but I don't play an instrument and I can't sing to save my life!

Lauren Adams, thanks for speaking to us!
No problem. And can you just put in that I said hello to my best mate Bethany!