We just managed to sneak an early shot of Shadow Wave into the last CHERUB newsletter. Now you can click on the images above to see what are (hopefully) the final versions.

As with Brigands MC, we're going to have a standard black edition and a special limited edition orange version which will be exclusive to UK retailer WH Smith.

Both editions will be released this September.

Although there are no confirmed dates for the CHERUB movie, the project is making progress, and the latest target is to try filming the movie in mid 2010.

The film based upon CHERUB: The Recruit is set to be directed by Chris Smith, who is best known for horror films like Severance and Triangle.

Chris recently discussed the CHERUB film in an interview with HorrorSquad which can be read HERE.

Robert Muchamore's first public events for 2010 have just been announced and tickets are on sale now.

Weds March 3rd, at 6pm
Sand Pit Theatre St Albans

Saturday May 8th at 4pm
Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton


HOW TO WIN -To enter the draw to win one of six signed Robert Muchamore books of your choice, simply fit the numbers on the left into the correct slots in the statements below:
Robert Muchamore is the February guest editor at the Lovereading website.

Click below to read about the five kids books that influenced him most.

Send your answer to:

The competition closes on March 25th 2010.
For full terms and conditions click here.

1 The mini book Dark Sun has __ pages.
2. Robert Muchamore is __ years old.
3. There are __ chapters in Divine Madness.
4.Secret Army is set in the year 19__.
5. There are __ letters in the title of the second CHERUB book.
6. Shadow Wave is the __th book in the CHERUB series.
The CHERUB news team have been following Robert Muchamore's posts on micro-blog site Twitter and we've detected several mentions of a secret new writing project.

When contacted Robert told CHERUB News, "Bugger off or I'll set me chickens on yer!"

Click below to see Robert's latest tweets!