We're almost out of space, but we thought you'd like to be among the first people anywhere to see the cover for Shadow Wave.

CHERUB News will be back at the end of February with all the latest on Shadow Wave, exclusive news on the Brigands M.C. paperback and the American launch of The Recruit.

And don't forget, you can read back issues of CHERUB News by CLICKING HERE, but don't try entering the expired competitions cos it might make our computer blow up!


The four maps show the development of CHERUB campus from a series of huts and old school buildings in 1941, through to the present-day campus with its state-of-the-art training and mission control facilities.

Each map also contains detailed notes and includes the very latest development plans, which it is hoped will be completed in time for CHERUB's 75th anniversary in 2015.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE MAPS. And read on for your chance to win a framed set of maps, signed by Robert Muchamore.

Following a daring raid on the archives at CHERUB campus involving drugged mince pies and getting our arses bitten by some really big dogs, the CHERUB news team can now unveil the secret history of CHERUB campus in a series of maps!

CHERUB campus was founded in early 1941 by Charles Henderson and you can learn all about the early days in Robert Muchamore's latest Henderson's Boys adventure Secret Army.


This month's newsletter prize is a unique one-off item!

We've got a set of the new campus maps, framed up and signed by CHERUB creator Robert Muchamore, and David McDougall, the designer behind the maps as well as the creator of the CHERUB and Henderson's Boys logos.


The third book in the Henderson's Boys series is hot off the press and heading into UK bookstores any day now.

Fans in Australia and New Zealand should be able to get their grubby mitts on a copy shortly afterwards!

HOW TO WIN -To enter the draw to win this month's unique prize, study the maps and tell us which of the following does not feature on ANY of the maps:

A. Recycling Centre
B. Paintball Zone
C. Control Tower
D. Performing Arts Centre

Send your answer to:

The competition closes on Feb 25th 2010. For full terms and conditions click here.

Yee-hah! Muchamore fans finally have a reason to to visit Tesco's apart from messing around with the trolley and accidentally *AHEM* swapping the broccoli for giant packs of Walnut Whips.

Britain's biggest supermarket will exclusively be stocking copies of Secret Army with one of these rather sweet dog tags attached to the cover! (see right)