Yes folks it's time to get down to your local bookstore, whip out your huge wodge of cash and stump up for the first Muchamore release of 2012!

Henderson's Boys: The Prisoner takes up where last year's Grey Wolves left off, with Marc Kilgour desperate to escape from a labour camp in the German city of Frankfurt.

Speaking about his new book, Robert Muchamore told CHERUB news:
"I loved writing The Prisoner, because it's a proper survival story. Marc is completely desperate. At the start he's living in this horrible prison hulk, short of food and his body crawling with lice and fleas.

'"The rest of Henderson's team don't even know if Marc is alive, so he's got to break free using nothing more than his own wits and the skills he learned in training on campus.'



The French edition of People's Republic, known as Le Clan Aramov, was released at the start of January.

For the first time, CHERUB fans reading in French have caught up with the UK releases.

What's more, the book took French bookstores by storm, becoming the bestselling kids book in France during the first two weeks on sale.

We've heard that some of you got one of those new e-book reading kerjiggers for Christmas.

The good news is that CHERUB Series One and Henderson's Boys releases are now in full flow.

Feb 7th sees Man vs Beast and The Fall released, with more titles coming soon.



Many CHERUB fan sites have come and gone over the years, but the CHERUB Forums was one of the first and it remains the place for talking about CHERUB, CHERUB role play and a bunch of other stuff.

What's more, the the site has just had a mini revamp. with new boards and a simpler layout.

Joining is easy, and open to anyone aged 13+.


OK, we kinda dropped the ball here at CHERUB News! While we were off on our Christmas break, we got scooped when fan site CampusCHERUB nabbed an exclusive interview with John Aggs, the artist behind August's CHERUB: Graphic Novel!

But we're not bitter (well, not much...) so you can CLICK HERE to read their interview and see what John has to say for himself!

We're pleased to announce a mini signing tour to celebrate the release of The Prisoner. Robert Muchamore will be signing at the following locations on Feb 4th or 5th. Don't forget to bring all your Muchamore books along, and don't worry if none of these signings are nearby. There'll be more later in the year for the publication of Guardian Angel and One Shot Kill!

Friday Feb 3rd @ 17:30
WH Smith Reading, 39 Broad Street, RG1 2AD

Saturday Feb 4th @ 10:00
WH Smith, 69 Churchill Square, Brighton, BN1 2TA

Saturday Feb 4th @ 14:00
Waterstones Bromley 100 The Glades Shopping Centre, BR1 1DN

Saturday Feb 4th @ 17:00
Waterstones Finchley Road (London) O2 Centre London NW3 6LU

Robert Muchamore asked us to pass on special thanks to all the fans who made him a birthday video!

You can watch the birthday videos HERE and HERE!

Wanna know what Ning, Ryan and Ethan are getting up to next? Well we can't promise, but we're hoping to have the sample chapters from Guardian Angel online in our next issue!

To celebrate the release of the 5th Henderson's Boys book, we've got 5 goodie packs up for grabs, containing pens, stickers, badges plus a signed Muchamore book of your choice. And for the first time ever, this month's competition is open to fans anywhere in the world!

To enter the draw to win, all you have to do is correctly name the famous prisons described in the four questions below.

E-mail your answer to: before the closing date of Feb 23rd. Full terms and conditions can be read HERE

1. The island prison pictured above
held famous gangster Al Capone
and is near San Francisco. Is it:

A. Aldershot
B. Arizona Max.
C. Alcatraz
D. Alzheimer's

2. In World War 2, this German Castle
became famous for holding officers
who were serial escapees. Is it:

A. Coldblanket
B Stalag Frankfurt
C. Colditz
D. Parkhurst


3. Nelson Mandela spent 18 years in this notorious South African prison. Is it:
A. Staten Island
B. Robben Island
C. La Isla Bonita
D. Cape Town Island

4. This London prison has held two of King Henry VIII's wives and Hitler's deputy Rudolph Hess. Is it:
A. Wandsworth
B. Walford
C. Belmarsh
D. The Tower of London