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Question 1.
What are the initials of the boy Rosie ends up in the water with at the end of The Escape?

Question 2.
What make of car does Mr Clarke drive in The Escape?

The competition closes on Thursday February 26th 2009. For full terms and conditions click here.

CHERUB news will be back at the end of February with a bunch of stuff we haven't thought up yet.

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The Escape will be in all good UK bookshops by February 4th, and should reach Australians and NZers by mid March.

UK fans should look out for the special edition fold out poster. Only available for a limited time..

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Did the end of The Escape leave you on tenterhooks?

Will Paul make it out alive? Who is the mysterious American, PT, and can he be trusted?

The good news is, you only have to wait until June to find out.

Look out for preview chapters soon!

Waiting for your next CHERUB fix?

James and his gang might be taking a back seat to Henderson's Boys in the first half of 2009, but he'll be saddling up for an epic adventure with the Brigands Motorcycle Club in time for Christmas.

Click the book for more information and look out for preview chapters later in the year.


Author Robert Muchamore was keeping tight lipped this month, over speculation that his new book, The Escape, will shed light on the meaning of the CHERUB acronym.

Muchamore said, 'All I'm prepared to say is that there's a big clue in The Escape and more details in Eagle Day. But you won't find out the whole truth about the CHERUB initials and the origin of the CHERUB logo until the third Henderson's Boys book, Secret Army, is published in early 2010.'

When pressed further, Muchamore said, 'Bugger off, I'm trying to get the ironing done.'


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