James Adams

James is stocky, which makes him strong but also prone to weight gain. He must run regularly and watch his diet to keep in shape.

Lauren Adams

Like many young girls who join CHERUB, Lauren had no history of participation in sport and was in poor shape. Since beginning CHERUB training this has improved massively.

Kyle Blueman

Kyle is in perfect health. He has excellent coordination and has mastered some hair raising stunts on his skateboard. He doesn't like team sports, probably because he is smaller than other kids his own age.

However, Kyle's small size is an advantage on missions, when an experienced agent is needed to fill the role of somebody young.

Kerry Chang

Kerry suffered a severe knee injury that may need further corrective surgery as she grows. She has to avoid aggressive sports such as rugby and unnecessary contact sparring during combat training.

Amy Collins

Physically strong, Amy excels at all sports but specialized in swimming and diving. Note: Amy is colour blind.

Shakeel Dajani

Big for his age, powerfully built and very fast, Shak is a talented rugby player.

Nicole Eddison

Nicole was seriously overweight when she joined CHERUB. A three month diet and exercise program followed by a second successful attempt at basic training have transformed her into a reasonably healthy young lady.

Michael Hendry

Tall, stocky and athletic. His imposing physique belies a gentle persona.

David Moss

Strong, fast and an excellent 400 metre runner who might have excelled at the sport if he'd taken a serious interest in it.

Bruce Norris

Although he is thin, Bruce is extremely strong and has excellent stamina. He prefers martial arts to the exclusion of all other physical activities.

Gabrielle O'Brien

Tall and lean, Gabrielle has great stamina and is stronger than most boys her age.

Bethany Parker

Bethany maintains a good level of fitness, although she does suffer from occasional asthma attacks.

Gregory Rathbone

Rat was brought up under harsh physical conditions in the Australian outback. He was already fit when he joined CHERUB and he has an exceptionally high pain threshold.

Jake Parker

Jake is quite small for his age, but resilient and game for anything.

Callum and Connor Reilly

The twins are excellent long distance runners. They are not particularly strong, but a fitness program focusing on strength training has helped with this problem.

Dana Smith

Extremely strong and very fit, Dana has chewed up and spat out many of the toughest boys on campus.

Kevin Sumner

Good hand eye coordination and a talented footballer. An extreme fear of heights could hamper his progress through basic training.

Ronan Walsh

Ronan is big for his age and strong, though not particularly fast. Ronan makes a fearsome opponent, though he can be unpleasant to weaker opponents and has been punished for bullying.

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